Krókur – on your way

Krókur is a leading rescue and roadside assistance company in Iceland.

Krókur also operates service center for insurance companies and other financial companies handling damaged and reposed vehicles.

Krókur offers 24 hours emergency service that is available to all travelers and car owners every day of the year. The service number is +354-522-4600.

Krókur has experienced staff and specialized equipment for all kinds of vehicles.

Krókur offers:

  • Transportation, rescue and storage of vehicles.
  • Tow truck services nationwide in Iceland
  • Emergency service for tourists
  • Car auctioning.
  • Claim inspection of vehicles.
  • Assessment and valuation of vehicles.
  • Other services for insurance companies and financial institutions.

Krókur also operates the leading car auction website in Iceland where you can buy and sell vehicles in quick and convenient way.

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Service phone (+354) 522-4600
24 hour service every day of the year

Vesturhrauni 5
210 Garðabæ